New SAAB 9-2 comes on a drawing board

Posted on Saturday, 10 April 2010 , 00:04:55 byAlina

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New SAAB 9-2 comes on a drawing board

Saab is working on a brand new 9-2, a retro-modern interpretation of the original 9-2 that could one day compete with Volkswagen's New Beetle or the MINI and Fiat 500.

The original Saab 9-2 was a slippery two-door sedan with a two-stroke two-cylinder engine powering the front wheels. It was built between 1949 to 1956 but the same basic layout and body design continued to be built until 1980.

The car would keep the same basic shape as the original, as well as the inboard headlights and low grill placement. The 9-2 would most likely be a small front-wheel drive hatch with limited bodystyles and a slew of downsized petrol and diesel engines. Saab's entire range is turbocharged, so expect very low-capacity motors to help cut CO2 and serve up performance required for a Saab.

The artists have done a good job keeping the car close to the 9-2, yet being entirely different.

In order to create the car, they are looking around for a technical partner to help share development costs by platform sharing like the Ford Ka and Fiat 500.

Muller said: "The choice of a tech partner is imperative if we come to do a Saab 9-2. There are so many things that need to happen before you have a proper design, a clay model, to an engineered product to a car in production."

The current business plan runs to 2016-2017, and the 9-2 sadly ain't in it. Before we see a new 9-2, however, Saab will have to launch its next-generation 9-3.

New SAAB 9-2 comes on a drawing board  image New SAAB 9-2 comes on a drawing board  image