2010 Acura ZDX recalled

Posted on Tuesday, 13 April 2010 , 13:04:41 byAlina

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2010 Acura ZDX recalled

Acura on Tuesday announced that it is recalling approximately 1,850 of its new ZDX vehicles due to an issue that can prevent the passenger-side airbag from deploying.

The fault was first discovered after a manufacturing quality check, which "revealed that some vehicles do not have the necessary laser-cut scoring on the underside of the dashboard surface material. Without proper scoring, the passenger-side frontal airbag will not deploy properly."

Acura says that no incidents have been reported involving improperly deployed airbags as a result of this problem.

However, the automaker will be recalling 2,455 vehicles in order to be checked and if there is a problem, the dashboards will be replaced.

Owners of the cars will be notified by mail later this month with further details on next steps.