2012 Mini Coupe and Roadster: Leaked

Posted on Thursday, 15 April 2010 , 09:04:58 byAlina

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2012 Mini Coupe and Roadster: Leaked

The 2011 Mini Coupe and Roadster were trailed in the 2009 concept cars shown at the Frankfurt motor show, last fall.

Patent drawings, which were leaked last week, show the look of the 2012 Mini Coupe and Roadster won't change much from the concepts, just a few substantive visual changes.

The rumors say that the new Mini Coupe is supposed to feature an uprated version of the JCW 's turbocharged 211-horsepower 1.6-liter unit and a peak torque of 192 lb-ft, while the Roadster would get a tweaked 175-hp variant of the engine and peak torque of 177 lb-ft.

The first vehicles is expected to arrive at European dealers next summer with prices starting at just over $30,000.