Never ending nightmare - Toyota recalls 1998-2010 Sienna models

Never ending nightmare - Toyota recalls 1998-2010 Sienna models

2010 is a year that everyone involved at Toyota will want to forget as soon as possible. When things looked to be calming down, after the entire global recall process, the Japanese automaker has announced a voluntary safety recall for all Toyota Sienna minivans built between 1998 and 2010. This includes both the first and second generation models of the Toyota Sienna. To be more exact, this recall targets all two wheel drive version of the Toyota Sienna built between 1998 and 2010.

The reason for this new recall? Well, it seems that Toyota wants to fix potential corrosion in the spare tire carrier cable. According to the Japanese automaker, this recall affects certain Toyota Sienna models produced between 1998 and 2010 that have been primarily driven in cold climate areas and high road salt use.

The official Toyota statement says ``Continued prolonged exposure to road salts may cause excessive corrosion of the carrier cable in some of these vehicles. In the worst case, the carrier cable may fail and the spare tire could become separated from the vehicle, a road hazard for following vehicles that increases the likelihood of a crash``.

Toyota is currently working hard to come up with a fix for this problem. In the meantime, all owners of Toyota Sienna models will get an interim notice instructing them to bring their vehicle to a dealership for a preliminary inspection. A total of 600.000 Toyota Sienna minivans will be recalled for fixes.

It sounds bad but it actually isn`t all that tragic. Let`s get things straight. The previous incidents showing crashes that happened because of faulty accelerator / brake pedals are just horrific and Toyota must be blamed for this kind of incidents. Still, we should not become paranoid all out of the sudden. Recalling cars because of potential corrosion due to the fact they are driven in cold climate areas is something natural. The vast majority of automakers do it. Unfortunately, after their cars causing a number of crashes, no one will believe Toyota, even if they are telling the truth. It will take a number of years before the Japanese automaker will get back the credibility it used to have.