Toyota launches Prius minivan in 2011

Posted on Tuesday, 20 April 2010 , 07:04:44 byAlina

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Toyota launches Prius minivan in 2011

A report from the Nikkei business daily in Japan says Toyota is planning on releasing a Prius Hybrid minivan in 2011.

With a spacious interior and improved fuel economy, it features three rows of seats where it can seat up to seven.

The new hybrid is expected to utilize lithium ion batteries that can pack more electricity than nickel-metal hydride batteries which are used in the current Prius.

The lithium ion batteries will be manufactured at Toyota's Teiho factory in Aichi Prefecture. The company later plans to produce the batteries at Panasonic EV Energy Co. which is a battery joint venture with Panasonic Corp.

A lithium-ion battery can pack more electricity than a nickel-metal hydride counterpart, enabling a hybrid car to run longer on a single charge.