Toyota recalls 7,500 Land Cruiser 150 and Lexus GX 460 cars in Europe

Posted on Tuesday, 20 April 2010 , 08:04:55 byAlina

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Toyota recalls 7,500 Land Cruiser 150 and Lexus GX 460 cars in Europe

Japanese automaker Toyota announced on Monday the recall of some 7,500 Land Cruiser and Lexus sports utility vehicles in Europe due to potential rolling problems. The recall involves the Land Cruiser 150 (Prado) and the Lexus GX 460, and comes hours after 6,000 of the Lexus model were recalled in the United States amid concerns over the same issue.

Toyota reminds drivers the cars are still safe to operate under normal driving conditions.

According to Toyota, the affected models in Europe are all left-hand drive versions. Customers will be notified personally in the coming days.

The new recall was initiated after Consumer Reports (CR) magazine tested the Lexus GX 460 and found it has a tendency to slide an roll. The suspension system in some of the vehicles meant there was the possibility of the car sliding out when the driver made a sharp turn of the steering wheel at high speed, or was negotiating a right curve at speed.

"From the moment we heard about this issue, Lexus and our dealers acted quickly to resolve the situation. Our dealers will now personally reach out to customers to set up appointments to make this modification. Lexus has always been about providing exemplary customer satisfaction and this will be another opportunity to demonstrate that," Mark Templin, Lexus US vice president and general manager said in a release earlier today.