Ferrari vows to never build four-door cars

Posted on Friday, 7 May 2010 , 02:05:03 byAlina

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Ferrari vows to never build four-door cars

In a recent interview Ferrari chief executive Amedeo Felisa said the firm would never produce a four-door model like their rivals, Aston Martin and Porsche, because it just isn't part of the company's long heritage.

"As Enzo would say, we will never do four doors," said Felisa. "And we will keep this tradition."

After it was suggested that Ferrari once vowed it would never build a hybrid or use start-stop technology - both of which are in the works for Maranello currently - Felisa responded that both these measures were required by government regulation, but that nobody can force them to make a sedan.

"We stood 60 years and never needed four doors," he said. "If you want a four-door Ferrari, we have a Maserati."