BMW 328 Buegelfalte sold for $5.6 million

Posted on Tuesday, 11 May 2010 , 12:05:32 byAlina

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BMW 328 Buegelfalte sold for $5.6 million

One-of-a-kind BMW roadster raced in the 1937 Le Mans went to auction in Monaco on May 1 at the Grimaldi Forum and was reportedly sold post-bidding at more than $5.6 million (4.38 million).

The car has numerous race wins to its credit and became the pattern for a whole generation of post-war sports cars.

The BMW 328 Mille Miglia 'Buegelfalte', chassis number 85032, was built by the Bavarian automaker in 1937 and belonged to Albert Speer, a Third Reich minister and close advisor to Hitler, during the war and was then seized by the Russians. The Russians awarded it to Artiom Ivanovich Mikoyan, head of the Mikoyan i Gurevich Design Bureau, creator of the famed MiG fighters who then traded it to Guido Adamson of Riga, Latvia, for a Lada, a vehicle much less inclined to excite the fantasies of a young man.

After the end of the cold war, the car made its way back to Germany.

In recent years, the BMW 328 Buegelfalte has been serviced and maintained by the expert specialists at Tom Fischer Classic & Race Car Service.