Ford gains in perceived quality

Posted on Sunday, 16 May 2010 , 12:05:21 byAlina

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Ford gains in perceived quality

Ford Motor Company achieved the largest gain of any automaker in Automotive Lease Guide's latest Perceived Quality Score, bringing customer perceptions more in line with Ford's improved vehicle quality.

The report released Friday by the Automotive Lease Guide, or ALG, showed that consumers gave Ford's line of cars higher scores for quality in the spring than in a previous survey last fall. Kia vehicles and Ford trucks also showed gains. Ford was ranked the most improved car brand this month, scoring a 7.6 percent improvement since fall 2009.

“The thing about perception is that it is very hard to earn, but it is quite easy to lose it,” said Matt Traylen, ALG’s chief economist.

ALG noted that Ford residuals have seen a "huge upswing." Ford's average residual gained $2,420 (January-June 2010 residual guides) compared to the year-ago period; the average brand change was about $615.

Ford said the gain was due to its new line of products, including sportier subcompacts for a global market and redesigned versions of its existing models.

ALG noted in particular that the new Ford Taurus and Fiesta have been well received by the press and public.