Chevrolet Volt mobile gets new functionalities

Posted on Tuesday, 18 May 2010 , 05:05:11 byAlina

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Chevrolet Volt mobile gets new functionalities

GM announced early Tuesday that Google and General Motors plan to connect the automaker's in-vehicle communications system, OnStar, with phones running on Google's Android operating system.

The public will get a peek at what OnStar is working on at the Google I/O conference May 19-20 in San Francisco, CA, where OnStar will debut and demonstrate new functionalities they're developing for the Chevrolet Volt mobile application leveraging the Android platform.

According to the automaker’s release Tuesday, a 2.0 version version of the app for Android phones will incorporate new location-based services using Google technology.

A new "navigation" tab has been added to the home screen of the existing Chevrolet Volt mobile app on the Android smartphone. When a Volt owner presses this tab, they will be able to see the current location of their Volt pinpointed on Google Maps, as well as their location relative to it.

Owners can also send the destination from their Android phone to the Volt and have OnStar Turn-By-Turn directions to the destination preloaded when they arrive at the car. Google Maps Navigation can also offer voice-guided directions.

"These two new features add to the suite of mobile application features for Volt that given Volt owners a personal connection to their car," said Tony DiSalle, Chevrolet Volt marketing director.

The new functionalities won't be available on the Volt mobile app at launch, but are planned for a 2.0 version.