Skoda Octavia RS+ and Fabia RS+ make world debut at Worthersee 2010

Skoda Octavia RS+ and Fabia RS+ make world debut at Worthersee 2010

After previously telling you about Seat and their participation at the 2010 Worthersee event, it is time to talk about another member of the Volkswagen Group that attended at the most important VAG event in Europe of the year.

Skoda presented modified versions of the Skoda Octavia RS and the Skoda Fabia RS as well as a couple of race cars (Skoda Fabia Super 2000).

The customized version named Skoda Octavia RS+ features a number of modifications, including leather surface stitching and lime colored accents for the interior while the exterior modifications include a blacked out front grille, integrated LED based taillights, black tinted headlamps, an aggressive body kit with front and rear spoilers as well as a new rear diffuser. The exterior color is gray with contrasting lime alloy wheels.

The Skoda Fabia RS+ gets, just like the Skoda Octavia RS+, a two tone gray and lime paint theme with matching alloy wheels and a spoiler kit which includes a rear diffuser, side skirts and a front spoiler. The Skoda Fabia RS+ is clearly inspired from the Skoda Fabia S2000 rally car.

The people who were present at the 2010 Worthersee event in Austria were obviously impressed by the girls standing near the cars.

You can check them out (the cars and the girls) in the pictures below.