WEITEC to release 2010 Volkswagen Golf VI GTI

WEITEC to release 2010 Volkswagen Golf VI GTI

WEITEC has developed a series of upgrades for the new generation VW Golf VI GTI that enhance both visual aspect and driving dynamics.

The tuner added new sports springs, custom black alloys, the sport suspension and coilovers that reduce the GTI's ride by 10 to 40 millimeters.

As far as suspension, customers can choose from: the first and the cheapest involves new sports springs that bring the WEITEC VW Golf VI GTI 20 mm closer to the ground and costs 179 Euro. The second option is the company's ULTRA GT set that uses stronger springs that are priced at 525 Euro and which enable sporty driving.

For individual suspension settings the WEITEC VW Golf VI GTI is available with the WEITEC HICON GT coilovers (749 Euro) that can reduce height by 10 to 40 mm.

The final option is the WEITEC HICON TX (999 Euro) that can suite drivers with track ambitions and which give the possibility of adjusting the dampener characteristics according to different requirements.

The suspension specialist used green and black, plus it fitted the WEITEC VW Golf VI GTI with wing doors, a front spoiler lip and side skirts.

The bonnet of the vehicle has also been modified to a crisp black with a few small vents scattered throughout.