New Audi A2 "electric only" to compete with BMW Megacity

Posted on Monday, 24 May 2010 , 22:05:14 byAlina

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New Audi A2

The next-generation Audi A2 will launch in 2012 instead of the 2014 as previously scheduled, but according to the latest reports, it appears that the upcoming car will be electric-only.

Apparently, Audi is working hard to push forward the launch of the A1 as soon as possible so it can have a competitor to the BMW Megacity vehicle, which will go on sale in 2013.

Although there are no details regarding this car, it is expected to receive the same technology found in the Audi A1 e-Tron Concept, which was recently unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, with a tall one-box design and relatively narrow tracks. Audi has hinted that the new A2 could employ something similar to the range-extended EV setup found in the A1 e-tron concept or we could see a full battery-powered setup instead. The e-tron utilized a 60 horsepower electric motor paired to a 330-pound lithium ion battery pack.

Although the previous A2 whose production ended five years ago was of aluminium spaceframe construction, the second-generation A2 will use a conventional steel monocoque from the new A1 and will drop its expensive spaceframe construction to keep cost down.

Audi Chairman Rupert Stadler has said electric drive is a priority.