New BMW 5 Series passes first crash test using brake intervention

Posted on Wednesday, 26 May 2010 , 13:05:07 byAlina

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New BMW 5 Series passes first crash test using brake intervention

The BMW 530d successfully passed a crash test involving brake intervention at the facility of the Deutscher Kraftfahrzeug-Überwachungs-Verein (DEKRA) in Neumünster near Hamburg.

The cause of around 40 percent of all motorway accidents involving injured persons are rear-end collisions, according to BMW.

Based on the information supplied by the radar sensor of the Active Cruise Control system (ACC Stop &Go), the system detects when a collision can no longer be avoided by the driver's reaction. In this case, an automatically activated emergency brake application function ensures that collision speed is, nevertheless, significantly reduced.

Based on a conventional EuroNCAP test with the car approaching an offset obstacle, the vehicle accelerates to 64 km/h. Immediately before impact the BMW 530d braked hard and collided with the offset block at a reduced speed of just 40 km/h. The vehicle changes its position and collides with the obstacle in a slightly "lower" position than in the case of a crash occurring without prior application of the brakes.

In the event of a crash incorporating prior brake application, the severity of impact is reduced considerably, thereby significantly lessening the strain on all occupants.

This can be considered the first step in testing future pre-crash scenarios.