Incredible: Dog found trapped alive inside Citroen`s bumper

Posted on Thursday, 27 May 2010 , 09:05:50 byAlina

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Incredible: Dog found trapped alive inside Citroen`s bumper

Though many of you would think that this video is a fake, well… it isn’t.

An unnamed man from Santiago, Chile, hit a dog with his Citroen on the local highway. Believing that the dog died and was nothing to do in order to rescue him, he continued his way and decided to find a repair shop to inspect the condition of his vehicle.

When he arrived at a repair shop to fix the minor blemishes to the vehicle's front-end, everyone remained stunned. The dog which the driver hit a little while ago was trapped inside the car's bumper after the impact.

The dog survived after crashing through the plastic lower grille and getting stuck above the car's undercover. A team of mechanics successfully rescued the four-legged animal by raising the car and unscrewing the undercover, taking care to remove the pooch.

Believe it or not, but the canine was in good condition, having suffered only a broken leg.

Not convinced? Check the video.