700 emotions with to go woth 700 HP

Posted on Wednesday, 2 June 2010 , 12:06:19 byEmil

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700 emotions with to go woth 700 HP

Emotion Wheels, a brand established and well-known for it's high-quality and design of wheels, got in the tuning world.The latest evidence of it's madness is the ultra-modified BMW M3 E92.

After their last introspection into tuning, they convinced us that they sure know what they are doing, presenting us a radical new Audi Q5, but now, they decided to step a bit further.

In normal circumstances, the M3 has a 4.0 naturally aspired V8, wich produces up to 420 HP.

Emotion Wheels decided that this engine wasn't good enough for their plans, so they started modifying the 4.4 L V8 you would usually find under the hood of X5M and X6M, and wich usually produces up to 555 HP.

After working on some engine tweaking and having installed a new sport exhaust system, Emotion was able to release a monster: the new M3 produces up to 717 HP.

The style has changed a bit, including carbon fiber bonet, new side skierts and 19" Wasabi black alloys.