A student shows his Volkswagen Kai-Nalu design study

A student shows his Volkswagen Kai-Nalu design study

The main inspiration came from the timeless ebbing and flowing of the Mediterranean Sea and also the rocks on the sea side. Josep Ferriol, a graduate of Universidad Politecnica de Valencia in Spain, shakes up VW's lineup with a completely new look. He created the Kai-Nalu concept design as part of Ferriol's thesis.

Representing the Volkswagen of the future, the Volkswagen Kai-Nalu is refreshing and different, with extremely exotic looks. Kai-Nalu's roof and its flowing glass upper section represent the waves of the sea. The angular bodywork underneath represent the rocks of the coastline onto which the waves crash.

Josep Ferriol also expects his design concept to be very controversial, given the tendency for certain modern cars to follow similar design patterns.

The Lamborghini Kai-Nalu Concept Study Design includes the clear roof and highly stylised wheels.

Josep Ferriol envisions an electric set-up with two separate engines: one is mounted up front and the other at the rear.