Audi demonstrating Travolution vehicle to infrastructure communications

Posted on Thursday, 3 June 2010 , 20:06:51 byAlina

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Audi demonstrating Travolution vehicle to infrastructure communications

This week Audi has been demonstrating its Travolution technology on a fleet of test vehicles near its headquarters in Ingolstadt, Germany. The Travolution is meant to reduce the amount of time spent at a standstill or accelerating by communicating with the traffic signals. It incorporates a number of different technologies, including vehicle-to-vehicle, vehicle-to-infrastructure communications and SmartACC.

The German automaker claims that its efforts could result in saving 184,920 gallons of fuel per year and slim CO2 emissions by as much as two million tons.

Each car is able to communicate with upcoming traffic lights via wireless LAN and UMTS connections.

When a vehicle approaches a red stoplight, the light will tell the car how long it will be before it turns green again. The information is then conveyed to the driver, allowing them to alter their speed accordingly to avoid coming to a full stop. If a signal is about to change from green to yellow or yellow to red, the driver is alerted by an audio or visual warning to help him optimize his driving so that he doesn't have to stop as often.

The system is already at work at 25 stoplights in Danube, and it has a test fleet of 15 vehicles. Two of them are equipped with a smart adaptive cruise control system which uses the signal timing information to manage the vehicle speed automatically. The vehicles in the test have reduced fuel consumption by 17 percent.