Mercury is officialy dead

Posted on Thursday, 3 June 2010 , 16:06:46 byEmil

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Mercury is officialy dead

Mercury is officialy closed.The marque will be shut down until the end of the year, say the Ford officials say.

The 71 years old brand, created by Edsel, Henry Ford's son, was a separate luxury line, having 1978 it's best years of sells.The brand declined after 1993 due to the lack of innovation and marketing.

Significant price costs will be offered due to this news, but still, Ford will offer and honor full warranty for the vehicles already sold, and parts, maintanance and repairs will also be offered by Lincoln and Ford centers.

Ford didn't mentioned if the workers will be laid off, but, apparently, there's no reason in doing that, because of the Lincoln expand, wich is looking to overtake Cadillac, it's main competitor, releasing 7 new models within the next four years.

The first car form this seven series was already presented to the auto world, 2011 Lincoln MKX crossover, and the next one is expected to be the first-ever Lincoln compact car.

Lincoln will also debut with a new V6 engine, more fuel efficient, new powertrains and new efficient transmissions.The EcoBoost engines are also being available for most of the brands line.