Inden Designs presents Daihatsu Materia Icecube

Posted on Saturday, 5 June 2010 , 07:06:11 byEmil

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Inden Designs presents Daihatsu Materia Icecube

Inden-Design, a german tuner well-known for its great work on higher priced cars, thought give the low-priced cars a look, and tried doing something unique, oout of a stock Daihatsu Materia.

Their project, coming in a bright white colour, was called "Icecube" and it's stuffed with a lot of new items.

The body kit contains four different extensions that can be atached on the current panels, the rear bumper has a diffuser.

Carbon fiber is all around the car: on the interior, on the mirrors, on the skirts.

The BBS aloys were specially made for this project.A new differentila and a new exhasut system were fitted on the car.

The inside of the car has a lot of carbon fiver inlays, wich work very well with the Alcantara trim.The new audio system was given away to make place for the state-of-the-art Phillips audio system and sat-nav.

The funny thing is that the total costs of the items mounted no the car is double than the car itself, but, then again, it's very common in the tunning world.