Fiat in works for a 80g/km hybrid city car

Posted on Saturday, 5 June 2010 , 06:06:04 byAlina

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Fiat in works for a 80g/km hybrid city car

An entry-level hybrid drivetrain that Fiat is currently developing could reduce the CO2 emissions of its petrol-powered city cars to only 80g/km.

It will feature a turbocharged 900cc (0.9-liter) TwinAir two-cylinder petrol engine and a hybridized dual-clutch transmission.

Fiat engineers arrived at the new idea of fitting a small electric motor into the body of the gearbox. This motor, powered by a small battery pack, will turn the gearbox’s internal shafts and gears, and powers the car while the petrol engine is idle.

Thanks to this system, the car would have C02 emissions of just 80 g/km.

The system would be offered as an option on the 500 and next-generation Panda. Future Puntos are also likely to have this system in the future.

The most probable situation would be that the mini hybrid system will power the car when it is from rest, and boost low-end torque while the engine's turbo is spooling up.