Honda ties up with Facebook to promote CR-Z

Posted on Sunday, 6 June 2010 , 22:06:17 byAlina

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Honda ties up with Facebook to promote CR-Z

Honda has launched a new and engaging Facebook-led campaign to support the launch of the world's first sporty hybrid coupe, the Honda CR-Z, which entered the British market on June 5. The campaign, developed by Collective and which keys into the pan-European 'RGB' campaign developed by Wieden + Kennedy, is based on a media strategy provided by Starcom.

The 'Mode Art' campaign uses a Facebook app and Connect site to allow users to turn their 'lift' into a unique, personalized piece of art, aiming to reflect the choice and fun-to-drive qualities of the CR-Z and its innovative three driving modes

Three prominent illustrators have been commissioned to create a 'bank' of design assets reflecting one of the CR-Z driving modes Sport, Normal and Econ. The application offers users the possibility to choose a mode and these assets are combined with their data to generate a beautiful and random piece of artwork.

Just like the journeys offered by the 3-mode CR-Z, each will be different, every time, and users have the possibility to change the inputs as many times as they like to influence the artwork generated. Once created, the image can be downloaded, used as mobile wallpaper or added to Honda's exclusive Facebook fan page gallery. Users can even personalize the site with their artwork.