How to build a rocket car powered by Mentos and Coke

Posted on Sunday, 6 June 2010 , 15:06:03 byAlina

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How to build a rocket car powered by Mentos and Coke

Everyone knows you can use Mentos and Diet Coke to make fizzy fountains that shoot soda as much as 30 feet in the air.

Four years ago, Stephen Voltz and Fritz Grobe posted the explosive video featuring the Vegas-worthy fountains. They created that fountain from some Mentos dropped into two-liter bottles of Diet Coke. Now the pair of scientists is back. They have returned with a striking new endeavor.

After years of work, the Coke & Mentos guys have harnessed that power for human transportation, with a rocket car powered by Mentos and Coke. 108 bottles of Coke Zero and 648 Mentos mints combine to propel the internet celebrities into the most unusual records.

The Coke Zero & Mentos Rocket Car uses a piston mechanism: a six-foot long rod sits inside a six-foot long tube attached to each bottle of Coke Zero. When 684 tablets of Mentos dropped into the soda, the pressure tried to push the rod out of the tube. With 108 rods all pushing at once, this gives a lot of power. There is a huge amount of power involved. All that power is pushing against a wall braced with 3,600 pounds of cement blocks. Their new record? 221 feet.

The oil crisis might be solved with this.