Buick Excelle GT for sale in China

Posted on Tuesday, 8 June 2010 , 06:06:22 byEmil

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Buick Excelle GT for sale in China

After being spied almost completely disguised two months ago, the new Buick Excelle GT was revealed in China and will start selling on June 23rd.

The new Buick model, based on the Opel Astra platform and styled along the lines of Buick LaCrosse, is very well positioned by the marketing experts.

The car is very high build, very comfortable and with a large range of good engines.

You can even pick a "green" engine, the 1.8 Eco Smart, producing up to 180 HP, or the powerfull 1.6-litre Turbo, wich boosts up to 184 HP.

The exterior is dominated by the characterisitc Buick waterfall front grille, with distinctive headlights.

The interior is pretty much similar with and Opel Astra.

North America will receive its Buick Excelle GT probably sometimes 2011, as a 2012 model.