Chrysler turns into Lancia in Europe

Posted on Tuesday, 8 June 2010 , 13:06:20 byEmil

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Chrysler turns into Lancia in Europe

As you well know, Fiat and Chrysler set up an alliance.The Chrysler's current models will be shared with the Fiat's Lancia, and will be sold with a Lancia badge in Europe.

Fiat's purpose in this is to shrink the current Lancia and Chrysler dealers network and consolidate its own.

According to the alliance, Fiat owns the distribution rights for Chrysler in Europe.

The cars that will be sold in Europe with a Lancia badge are: PT Cruiser, Sebring, 300C and Voyager, and, also, their future replacements.

Fiat wants to sell 300,000 Lancia per year by 2014, so they divised a 5-year plan to do that.

The last year, Fiat sold just 132,500 Lancia cars, most of them in Italy.