Spirit of LeMans car by Panoz Abruzzi

Posted on Wednesday, 9 June 2010 , 13:06:07 byEmil

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Spirit of LeMans car by Panoz Abruzzi

Panoz Abruzzi is a special niche car manufacture, that produces all his vehicles manually.

The car produces up to 600 HP and the manufacturer states that it will be street legal.

The car will be launched in 2013, at the 81st edition of Lemans race, and will be sold in just 81 exemplars.

Don Panoz stated that "this is the culmination of equal parts time, effort and dreams."

The car is very innovative, it has a radiator in the back, the engine in the front, the chassis is made from carbon fiber and the car has just LED lights.

The car will have a high personalisation list, so, every bit of the car will have the expression of it's owner.

The pricing hasn't been yet disclosed, but, we can sure agree that not all of us will afford it.