Porsche refuses to race MINI

Posted on Monday, 14 June 2010 , 23:06:41 byAlina

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Porsche refuses to race MINI

A few days ago MINI’s USA Chief Mr. Jim McDowell challenged Porsche's North America President to a race: Mini Cooper S vs. Porsche Carrera S at Road Atlanta on June 21.

In the event Porsche wins, McDowell tells von Platen that he will wear a t-shirt on his next public appearance that says, "We Did Not Beat Porsche". If MINI end up victorious, McDowell will proudly wear a different shirt that says, "We Beat Porsche".

This will not happen anymore as Porsche's North America President and CEO, Detlev Von Platen released a letter where he has declined Mini's offer to pit a 911 Carrera S against Mini Cooper S at Road Atlanta next week.

MINI would have come into the race with 172 horsepower on the Cooper S while the 911 Carrera S come in with double that at 385 horsepower.

"While your challenge seems like a fun and lighthearted campaign", says Mr Porsche, "we'll stick to racing the way we have over the decades." Apparently Porsche is waiting for MINI at Sebring, Le Mans or Dayton or at any of the thousands of tracks around the world where Porsche owners compete each weekend. The end of the letter was quite interesting: "Good luck with your race at Road Atlanta on June 21; we hope you enjoy the day".