Video: Double decker bus stolen by three teenagers

Posted on Wednesday, 30 June 2010 , 00:06:54 byAlina

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Video: Double decker bus stolen by three teenagers

Officers arrested two teenage girls and a man after stolen a bus from a depot in Amesbury, Wiltshire, reports the Daily Telegraph. They went on a 12-mile wrecking spree, first smashing into a tree before eventually crashing into parked cars and running off.

One of the thieves - a 21-year-old man - filmed the last five minutes on his mobile phone. It shows the final moments of the joyride with a hooded teenage girl behind the wheel while another teenage girl and a male stand nearby as they take the bus down the A345.

Joyriders - including a pair of 16-year-old girls - left a 30,000 trail of devastation to the bus, a green Volkswagen Polo, a silver Honda Jazz, and three other 200,000 buses at the depot in Amesbury.

Officers were called out at 3.15am as three people were seen running away from the abandoned bus. The two 16-year-old girls and the 21-year-old man were picked up by police at around 3:45am on Friday, June 18. The three joyriders were arrested on suspicion of aggravated vehicle taking and released on bail pending further inquiries.

The video, called 'stolen bus solstice 2010 hoodies amesbury', has so far almost 40,000 views.

A spokesman for Wiltshire and Dorset Bus Company described the action as a 'foolish crime'.

"It was utter stupidity, extremely reckless and they are rather fortunate that, because of the time of day that they took the bus, that they didn't kill anyone in the road" inspector Martyn Sweett said.