McLaren F1 successor expected to debut by 2012

Posted on Wednesday, 7 July 2010 , 13:07:38 byAlina

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McLaren F1 successor expected to debut by 2012

McLaren Automotive is working on a successor to the F1 supercar, with the vehicle potentially hitting the market in 2012, meaning it will be with more two years earlier than originally planned, and may well be a regular production model, not a limited-edition vehicle.

The new successor of the well-known McLaren F1 supercar will be a revolutionary hypercar, which will adopt a more radical design, instantly recognizable as something special by the public. This is in contrast to the MP4-12C, which has been criticized for its unadventurous styling.

Like the old generation, the new car will use a centrally-mounted powerplant and will feature a carbon fiber monocoque chassis, similar to that found on the MP4-12C. Also, the car will feature the same central driving seat as its predecessor. It will also feature novel wheel and lighting designs.

Regarding its performances, there's no word yet. However, the supercar is expected to deliver impressive performances but also low CO2 emissions. It's expected that McLaren's seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox will also appear in the nouveau F1.

The F1 successor will be the second of McLaren’s trio of new models – the third is thought to be an entry-level one, which will be placed beneath the MP4 12C. The planned price of the F1 successor is unknown, but it's likely to be substantially more than the current MP4-12C which costs from $226,000.