Opel recalls over 15,000 Corsa due to hand brake issue

Posted on Thursday, 8 July 2010 , 22:07:26 byAlina

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Opel recalls over 15,000 Corsa due to hand brake issue

Opel said on Wednesday will make a recall for thousands of Corsa units sold in Germany and across Europe to check a potential problem with their hand brakes.

The information was published in premiere by France Presse agency which announced that the recall affects about 15,500 units sold in Germany, but the number of cars affected at European level is yet unknown.

"The measure affects 15 500 Corsas in Germany" plus an undetermined number in other European countries, a spokesman told AFP.

According to the company, the potential problem was discovered after some Opel internal tests, without any customer complaining about hand brake issues.

"There have been no accidents and the problem was discovered during internal quality controls," the spokesman added.

The German automotive producer's internal tests showed that, in certain conditions, the cables that are used in the hand brake system may loosen. The brake cables require a short servicing operation and every service visit will last only 30-40 minutes, following that the owners of the affected cars to be announced by letters that they will have to visit the dealerships.

Is the second time this year when Opel Corsa is in the middle of a recall. The previous one included 16,000 cars which were recalled over some air conditioning problems.