Video: Citroen adds On-Board WiFi access

Posted on Monday, 12 July 2010 , 01:07:21 byAlina

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Video: Citroen adds On-Board WiFi access

French manufacturer Citroen has announced that it will offer wireless Internet connectivity available on most of its model line-up, which will include the new C3, C3 Picasso, C4, C4 Picasso, C5, C6 and DS3 models.

The new feature, which is called WiFi On Board, creates a wireless network in the vehicle. To do this, users install a 3G or 3G+ SIM card (which is available from all major internet / cell phone providers) and turn the device on. That means anyone inside the car can access the web with their portable devices such as laptops, smart phones and portable games consoles to simultaneously check e-mails, play games, tweet and surf the internet. Fleet and Business users can also access the internet when the car is parked safely.

Citroen has also added a special feature to the system, offering a roaming override function. If by any chance you wish to take your vehicle abroad, the system deactivates itself avoiding expensive data costs.

Since last March, WiFi has been available in the C3 Picasso and C4 Picasso people movers as well as the New C3 and sporty DS3 hatchbacks. By the end of 2010, the availability of Citroen WiFi On Board will be extended to other car and LCV models.

Citroen WiFi On Board is offered for just 545 ($824), including installation and VAT at 17.5%, with the price excluding the cost of the 3G/3G+ SIM card and internet access charges.

The French manufacturer joins the ranks of various other car makers which are offering MiFi-like devices in their cars such as Audi, GM and Chrysler.