Peugeot - Naza agreement for assembly of compact cars in Malaysia

Peugeot - Naza agreement for assembly of compact cars in Malaysia

Reinforcement of Peugeot's presence within the ASEAN region due to a new agreement between PEUGEOT NAZA

Automobiles Peugeot and NAZA Group, one of the principal Malaysian manufacturers, have signed today a letter of intention to assemble a three box vehicle situated within the upper levels of the C segment, which will take its place amongst the rest of the Peugeot range in Malaysia.
MM. Nasarudin Nasimuddin, President of NAZA Group, and Jean-Philippe Imparato, Director of International Operations for Automobiles Peugeot, were the signers of this letter of intention.

This project represents a new stage in the cooperation between NAZA Group, a recognized industrial partner, and Automobiles Peugeot, which entered the Malaysian automotive market in 2006 with the assembly of the 206 hatchback and, in 2010 will add the assembly of the 207 three box sedan designed for our clients from the B segment, and will be commercially launched in the last quarter of 2010.

This new stage will continue to reinforce the cooperation between Automobiles Peugeot and the Malaysian manufacturer. The project would entail the assembly and commercialization of this C-segment saloon for a series total of 70,000 vehicles.

Peugeot is reinforcing its position with the ASEAN (Association of South East Asiatic Nations), one of the areas experiencing exceptional economic growth within the Asia Pacific region, in the pursuit of furthering the Brand's international expansion (outside of Europe), which represents 42% of its global sales in the first semester of 2010, and is in line with Peugeot's ambition to increase its presence worldwide.

The assembly of this vehicle in Malaysia will allow us to benefit from a customs agreement with the ASEAN, to export to other countries within the zone (Thailand, Indonesia...), as well as other Pacific countries and Africa, with right hand drive.

Assembly will begin in the second semester of 2011 at the NAZA plant in Gurun situated 400 km north of Kuala Lumpur.

Automobiles Peugeot reaffirms its objectives for sustainable international expansion, and notably within a region of the world with exceptional potential, thanks in part to its cooperation with one of the most important manufacturers in the automobile industry present within the ASEAN.