Smaller Maserati Quattroporte expected in 2015

Posted on Tuesday, 13 July 2010 , 23:07:06 byAlina

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Smaller Maserati Quattroporte expected in 2015

Maserati is planning to launch an entry-level sedan by 2015, the new Quattroporte, which is said to be part of Maserati's 2010-'14 business plan, that Fiat Group CEO Sergio Marchionne recently revealed to investors.

The new car will compete with BMW 5 Series/M5, Mercedes CLS/AMG, Jaguar XF/XFR, and Cadillac CTS/CTS-v.

Smaller than the current version, the new Quattroporte will come available in two versions. The entry one, the base model, Maserati says, would be priced just above $68,000 (based on recent exchange rates), which puts it around the upper V-8 versions of those cars. The second one, a high performance version of the Maserati, would be about 20 percent more expensive. Maserati's DNA, sporty handling, rich-sounding engines, distinctive style, is claimed to be safe, but in a "new product package."

Officials give no further details on the car's platform, but it's believed that both models will likely ride on a shortened version of the next-generation Quattroporte platform and feature V8 engines.

But before the entry-level model will enter the market, Maserati will unveil a redesigned Quattroporte in 2013. The company's stated intention is to trim the price of the base model about 10 percent, so it will be cheaper than the current car, with a nearly €4,500 ($5,650) reduction. The car will have a base price starting from €86,000 ($108,000).