Video: Teen trades an old cell phone and gets a Porsche

Posted on Wednesday, 21 July 2010 , 23:07:16 byAlina

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Video: Teen trades an old cell phone and gets a Porsche

In a world where many teens seem to lack both patience and common sense, one teen in Glendora, CA, demonstrated both masterfully. A 17-year-old Glendora teenager managed to barter an old cell phone all the way up to a Porsche through online trading.

Steven Ortiz made a series of 14 swaps over a period of two years, using the Craigslist website, to get his 2000 Porsche Boxster S, the Pasadena Star-News first reported.

It all started when a friend gave him an old cell phone. At first, he traded the old cell phone for a better cell phone and a few trades later, he had an iPod. And then he had his eyes on a dirt bike.

Ortiz told KTLA, "I got to the dirt bike and I told myself, 'If I can get here, where else can I get?'"

He kept trading up, acquiring a MacBook Pro and a 1987 Toyota 4Runner. The 4Runner was less useful to him than it might have been to some, as he was only 15 at the time. So he bartered that for a golf cart that had been somehow sportified. This got traded for another dirt bike. Then came a street bike and a series of cars, including a 1975 Ford Bronco which, considered a collectible, scored him the Porsche.

Ortiz says. "A lot of my friends come up to me and tell me, 'You want to trade my phone for a car? Try to get me a Ferrari.' I tell them it's not that easy. It takes time and patience, definitely."

Steven just got his driver's license and says he's looking forward to enjoying the results of all that work. Apparently, he's the only student at Charter Oak High School who drives a Porsche to school.