Mercedes-Benz to deliver 220 Actros trucks to Lehnkering

Mercedes-Benz to deliver 220 Actros trucks to Lehnkering

Hubertus Troska, head of Mercedes-Benz trucks, and Cees van Gent, CEO of LEHNKERING GmbH, have signed a general agreement for the delivery of 220 Mercedes-Benz trucks and a comprehensive service-leasing package for LEHNKERING's Road Logisitics & Services Division (RLS) at LEHNKERING's headquarters in Duisburg. The general agreement was signed on July 28, 2010 for four years, ending in 2013. The fleet will be sent by Mercedes-Benz by packaging through CharterWay delivery.

Cees van Gent said: "In Mercedes-Benz, we have a strong partner at our side... This step brings us much closer to our goal of realizing our full potential by 2013."

Under the terms of the general agreement, each Actros unit will be manufactured over a course of four years down at the Worth plant and will be shipped to various LEHNKERING sites in Germany, through the Netherlands and finally to Poland, where they will be based.. Approximately two-thirds of the trucks will be used for chemical transport and around a third of the trucks for steel.

All vehicles will feature Mercedes-Benz's TopSafety package including the latest version of the Active Brake Assist system. With BlueTec engines from Mercedes-Benz, the trucks meet both the Euro5 emission guidelines and the voluntary EEV (Enhanced Environmental Friendly Vehicle) standards.

The general agreement also includes the full service package from Mercedes-Benz.

The first Actros truck unit is due to be delivered as early as this October.