500 new jobs offered by Audi

Posted on Tuesday, 3 August 2010 , 11:08:15 byAlina

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500 new jobs offered by Audi

German manufacturer Audi announced today it will hire additional personnel to meet its company needs. Initially, the carmaker said it would hire 300 people in 2010, but now announced it will hire 200 more than forecast at the beginning of the year.

Particular emphasis is being placed on two pioneering fields: electric mobility and lightweight design, two of the main directions Audi has chosen for itself. The 500 new employees will be added to the existing 782 apprentices who joined or will join the Ingolstadt-based company this year. The company thus continues to invest long-term in personnel and expertise.

"We're seeking out experts in electrification and lightweight design, in particular, so that we can further consolidate our technological edge over the competition," Werner Widuckel, Audi member of the board for Human Resources said.

"Especially in these areas, we must be farsighted." He also added that the company is searching for pepole who combine the "innovative brilliance with passion and expert craftsmanship."

Currently, Audi has several training programs for its employees: vocational training, dual-track education, internships, first job experience program, development program for graduates and even doctorate degrees.

According to students, Audi is the most attractive employer in Germany. These at least were the results of a study conducted in May by two market research institutes, Trendence and Universum.