Volkswagen Ragster Beetle concept

Posted on Saturday, 7 August 2010 , 13:08:01 byAlina

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Volkswagen Ragster Beetle concept

The Ferdinant Porche's immortal beetle will not be left by Volskswagen to get washed down the drain. It would be a shame for the beetle to drift away into nothingness after such a successfull amount of sales, so Volkswagen decided to rejuvenate the car by presenting Volkswagen Ragster concept.
During the next year's Detroit International Motor Show, as sources say, the funky Ragster will be exhibited and will create certainly a big stir among the Beetle lovers.
The Ragster will be a completely re-engineered vehicle, with new body panels, interior, chasis, not just a remodel of the current Beetle (according to Volkswagen recent reports).

A choice of three engine packages defines the power concept: from a range-topping 2.0-liter to a 211hp four-cylinder, and a 1.2-liter that produces a mighty 110hp. Volkswagen is also having plans for a mix of turbo disel variants.

The funky Beetle has a new ragop and much more attitude than his older brother. The concept is showing a lot of promise, definitely being a much better option than the next generation Beetle rendered by David Cordoso.
All we have to do now is just wait and see if the new Ragster will have the popularity of the classic Beetle.