Asian top anual Conumer Reports show surprising reliability results

Posted on Wednesday, 27 October 2010 , 21:10:55 byEmil

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Asian top anual Conumer Reports show surprising reliability results

The first most reliable cars in the Consumer reports are Honda, Acura, Porsche and Scion, wich is quite surprising, especially when most of the people think that the german cars are the most reliable[being among the worst in this report].

Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz produced a huge surprise, being deemed among the worst vehicles in the people's opinion.

Nearly 75 perent of the people who answered the survey scored below average and the A6 3.0T has the wors new-car prediction score.

In their neighbour's yard, 5 out of 11 BMW models scored below average.

None of the Chrysler's models score above average while the fellow american car manufacturer, Ford, has the best scores, more than ninety-percent of the cars scored average or higher.

69 percent of GM's models scored avrage or better, wich is quite an improvement.

Honda, Acura, Hyunday and Kia scored the best opints, being popints in the survey, nearly all of the models taking over average scores.

The other most influential German brands, Porsche and Volkswagen did quite good, only few of the two brand's scored below average.