New Sound for Audi Electric Vehicles

Posted on Thursday, 4 November 2010 , 14:11:33 byEmil

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New Sound for Audi Electric Vehicles

Due to the fact that electric vehicles produce no sounds at cruising speeds, thus becoming a danger to the pedestrians, the automotive producers are considering developing artificial sounds for their vehicles.

Audi has recently announced that it looks to create a different, new type of sound for its forthcoming electric cars. The officials say that they're looking to emphasize the innovation that this type of cars bring, thus making the engine audible at such times (Christian Schuller, Head of Brand Development/Corporate Identity). The company is said to have considered the sound of the combustion engine, which would be familiar, the V8 and whatnot.

As a hint, the Head of Acoustics of Audi, Ralf Kunkel, indicates that it may sound like the RSQ version from the "I-Robot" movie or that they may use the sounds of spaceships.

The picture reveals an Audi electric car at sound test.

New Sound for Audi Electric Vehicles image