EMAV PRU Electric Vehicle Trailer

Posted on Thursday, 4 November 2010 , 20:11:38 byEmil

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EMAV PRU Electric Vehicle Trailer

After years of different DIY designs by EV (electric vehicle)drivers (the EV Pusher, R. Sparks Scott par example), Electric Motors and Vehicles Company (EMAV) plans on releasing a PRU (Power Regeneration Unit); that is, a self-propelled electric vehicle (trailer) attaching to your electric vehicle holding some extra energy in case of need.

The device has a power regeneration system extending the range of all electric vehicles.The vehicle is connected to the EV through the Smart Hitch, a connector sending a signal to the speed controller and it has a 240 DC motor. It can provide for up to 700 miles using six gallons of gas, being equiped with a 750-cc diesel generator and lithium-ion batteries.

The vehicle is also part trailer, being able to hold gear. The prototype is to be released in 2011 and it could be up for sale in the second half of the year at the price of about 15000 USD.

Another aspect deemed to be mentioned is the fact that the trailer can't recharge the vehicle while driving, due to the construction of many EV, but it's a good solution if there's no power outlet nearby.