New Info on Mazda RX9

Posted on Wednesday, 10 November 2010 , 01:11:23 byEmil

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New Info on Mazda RX9

The British press has just released new information concerning Mazda X9.

It appears the engine of the next Mazda will not be a turbo, like it was speculated, but it will use an electric supercharger, being called 16X. The supercharger is going to be bigger than the one used on RX8. Though it isn't known for sure yet what kind of engine Mazda RX9 will use, it appears to be certain, though, that it will use a rotary engine, like RX7. The new engine should also be Euro V compliant and fuel and CO2 emissions efficient.

The future Mazda RX9 is supposed to weight about 1250 kg and will output about 300 kg. The exterior is probably going to be along the lines of the company's Nagare language.

New Info on Mazda RX9 image New Info on Mazda RX9 image
New Info on Mazda RX9 image