Audi TT Sketch Made Public

Posted on Sunday, 14 November 2010 , 17:11:04 byEmil

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Audi TT Sketch Made Public

After launching it in 1998, Audi has brought to light the second generation of the Audi TT in 2006. Though initially the car looked like a re-skinned Golf, technically speaking it was a revolution, so the second generation could only have evolved.

For all those dreaming about the new generation of Audi TT, Martin Tyminski, the British automotive designer just made a sketch of what he thought the new Audi would be like.

Though everyone would love seeing a new, out-of-this-world model, Audi would probably just use the current model to evolve so for all those waiting, the sketch could be used to visualize the future of Audi TT.