2010 BMW 535i GT

Posted on Wednesday, 5 January 2011 , 14:01:54 byEmil

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2010 BMW 535i GT

With an image that incorporates so many styles, the 5th Series Gran Turismo from BMW may be a hatchback but can also look like a sedan, a wagon or whatnot!

The engine runs on a 300 hp N55 turbocharged I-6, with an 8-speed automatic. It can reach 0 to 60 in 6 seconds with a lateral acceleration of 0.97 g and the brake can bring it back to 0 from 60 in 122 feet.

A bit on the crossover side due to its 61.4-inch height and 5.7 inches ground clearance, the GT has a multifunction interior, with a capacity for cargo of 10 to 63 cubic ft (if the back seats are folded, hatch-style) and an all-wheel drive.

With a basic price of about 56,875 USD, the 5th Series GT can be purchased with a Dynamic Handling Package or with a Sport Package, for 2700 USD respectively 2200 USD. The first one includes active roll stabilization and adjustable dampers while the second one features a high-gloss black exterior trim, 19-inch wheels, multicontour seats and a sport steering wheel.

Other available packages are the Convenience Package, for 2300 USD, the Cold Weather Package for 950 USD, the Driver Assistance Package for 1350 USD, Sound Packages, etc.. The Convenience Package includes a universal garage opener, the Cold Wheater includes heating seats and steering wheel, the Driver Assistance includes blind-spot detection, lande departure warning, etc..