The Ferrari P4/5 Competizione is ready to hit the track

The Ferrari  P4/5 Competizione is ready to hit the track

After a long wait, James Glikenhaus's Ferrari P 4/5 Competizione is finally ready to hit the track. This very special car derived from the Enzo and featuring the same engine as on the F430 Scuderia was specially designed to be unleashed on the track.
This car's engineers used as much carbon fiber as they could and as a result the Competizione is one of the lightest sport cars we've ever seen. Besides that, Glikenhaus's Ferrari was partially redesigned by the Pininfarina Studios in order to increase its aerodynamics but also to differentiate this car from any other Enzo on the market. Also, the engineers chose to let the Competizione with its exposed carbon fiber without any special livery. Even so, the P 4/5 will definitely adopt a „uniform” as soon as it will make its racing debut.
Started in 2006, with a street version of the Enzo, this project evolved, finding it's accomplishment these days on the Torino Race Track, where the P 4/5 Competizione gave its best under the skillful driving skills of Fabrizio Giovanardo and Paolo Garella, two experienced drivers that took the car to its limits. In their own words, the test was fantastic and the car was so easy to drive having all the controls light and very direct.