Ford sues Ferrari over the "F150" name

Posted on Monday, 14 February 2011 , 11:02:32 byLucia

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Ford sues Ferrari over the

The "F150" name used by Ferrari for its 2011 Formula One car seems to have been disturbing one for the Ford representatives and they have already issued a complaint in a U.S. District Court. Ford argued that the oniker infringed on its well-known and top-selling truck, the F-150, while a response released by Ferrari suggested the use of the full name for the new F1 car - the "Ferrari F150th Italia", as a totem of the 150 years since the unification of Italy, instead of just the "Ferrari F150". Ford's filling was claiming that the F-150 trademark had been misappropriated by Ferrari, thus obtaining a profit from the substantial good will developed by Ford in the F-150 trademark. An official statement released by Ferrari, it was mentioned that there could be no confusion between the two and they were not able to understand Ford's viewpoint on the matter, as the forthcoming F1 championship could not be confused with other types of vehicles which were commercially available. Furthermore, the F-150 is sold in North America and Formula One does not held races in the United States, only an event in Canada, Montreal.