Koenigsegg is aiming to import first Agera to US by June

Koenigsegg is aiming to import  first Agera to US by June

Aiming to bring the Agera and Agera R to the country, the famous Swedish car manufacturer Koenigsegg is battling the airbag problem which has forced Lotus to withdraw the Elise and the Exige and prevented the Italian supercar company Pagani from bringing the Huayra in the US. Discussions are held between Koenigsegg and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in order to receive a second smart airbag exemption to bring the striking machines on the American territory. One of the priorities of Koenigsegg is to persuade the NHTSA that small airbags cannot be installed because of the substantial economic hardship, willing to bring the first Agera in the US by June. Pagani has failed to achieve this aim. The lack of small airbags seriously threatens the children's life in case of an impact. They are designed to calculate their trajectory by considering the weight detected on the passenger's seat. What the company is trying to demonstrate is that the situations when children are taken abroad on rare occasions or never.