The 1903 Ford Model A, one of the first three Fords ever produced will be auctioned

Posted on Monday, 10 September 2012 , 13:09:51 byEmil

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The 1903 Ford Model A, one of the first three Fords ever produced will be auctioned

Lately a lot of old Ford models were put up for sale. Now, time has come for the Americans to auction the oldest living model. We are talking about the 1093 Ford Model A, a red, very carefully restored car. Actually, the model is one of the first three cars ever produced by the Ford Motor Company. 109 years ago, the car saw the light of the day for the first time and ever since, it only had five owners. The RM auction that will take place in Hershey, Pennsylvania in October and this will be the perfect time to try and become the 6th owner of this amazing model. Its last owner bought it in 2007 for the incredible price of $ 693.000. If we think about its price as a new car, which was $ 850, and the price mentioned above, after some quick math we obtain an 81.000 % appreciation without adjusting for inflation.

The first owner of this great 1093 Ford Model A was a butter maker from Britt, Iowa, Herbert L. McNary. The second owner was Harry E. Burd, who bought the model for $400 sometime in the 1950s. This man took care of it, restored it and then managed to sell it to a Swiss Ford dealer in 1961. The old Ford stayed here until 2001, when it returned to the US by an anonymously buyer. At the auction that took place in 2007, John O’Quinn bought it. Two years ago, in 2010 another auction took place, but he did not sell it as the bidding stopped at $ 325.000.

What will happen now and what will the ones present in Hershey will be looking for, it is still a mystery. They might choose the 1093 Ford Model A. the model is powered by a horizontally opposed 100-cu.-in. 2-cylinder engine capable of producing 8 horsepower and 72-inch wheelbase. The output is not very impressive, but chances are the new owner will not drive it so much. Source: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow" title=" autoblog "> autoblog </a>