Car sales in the US have increased by 13 percent

Posted on Thursday, 4 October 2012 , 06:10:59 byIulia

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Car sales in the US have increased by 13 percent

Apparently auto sales have increased 13% in September in comparison with the same period last year. This great result in actually the best one in the last four years and was obtained by sales tracker Autodata. The projection of the Seasonally Adjusted Annual Rate was raised the sales in the auto industry to 14.9 million. Last month was in fact the 4th consecutive month and the 7th this year that SAAR has exceeded 14 million.

When it comes to new vehicles, sales have also increased by 15%, to 10.9 million through September. To be more precise, sales of the passenger cars have increased with 23%. Japanese carmakers Toyota, Scion and Lexus have every reason to be optimistic as they have managed to raise their sales numbers by 41%, 76% and 36% respectively in comparison with 2011. Their selling strategies like low financing options and low-interest rate loans have helped the carmaker a lot these last few years. They will continue in October the same. Automaker Honda also registered increased sales, a 29% increase to be more precise. The demand for the Civic and Accord had a lot to do with the final numbers. The Germans from Volkswagen managed to raise their sales by 32% and Audi by 27%. These results are actually the best ones obtained on the North American market. Kia is on top of the cake with a 35% increase and Hyundai with 15%. Fiat is doing just great with a 51% sales growth.

Apparently, the truck segment is not in its best shape as sales have decreased by 20%. In the same time Ford registered a 29% increase with their small passenger cars. Ford hopes for a great end of the year.