Deaths in traffic have increased a lot lately

Posted on Friday, 5 October 2012 , 05:10:59 byDan

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Deaths in traffic have increased a lot lately

Since the beginning of this year and until June, traffic deaths have increased by 9% in the US, to 16.290 people. According to a report offered by the National Highway Safety Administration this is the most since 2009. In the report there was no examination of the causes and to be really honest, a full report with the analyzed data could take almost two years.

According to NHSTA officials, it is a bit too soon to really figure out the factors that lead to the accidents, but they are working on it. Until the final results all they can offer us are speculations on causes. These might include different factors like for example the use of synthetic drugs or prescription drugs or other factors like the weather. This is what Lynda Tran, administration spokesperson declared in a press conference. Anyway, no matter the causes, the increased number of traffic deaths impresses everyone. One of the solutions taken into consideration refers to the ban of the use of cell phones and texting while driving. This is what Barbara Harsh, executive director of the Governors Highway Safety Association said. It might be safer to return to the way it used to be in past. A lot of lives could be saved.

Her association came up with a proposition for the convicted drunk drivers. They want them to use an ignition device that will force the driver to blow into an attachment for the car to start. This might be a solution, but for sure a lot will be against it. This might be a way of eliminating driving under the influence of alcohol. All offenders would have to use an ignition interlock. The idea is really new and it has already been implemented in 17 states, but its results were not made public, yet.