In the US small cars seem to be the best choice

Posted on Wednesday, 10 October 2012 , 08:10:34 byEmil

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In the US small cars seem to be the best choice

It is true; if a car is big it has more chances of taking out breaths away. It is also true that the current situation and the costs a big car asks for, a small car is a better option. The small car segment is on its way to achieve its best market share ever since 1993. Back then, they obtained 20.5 % of the market. The high fuel prices are also a plus for this category. Let us take for example last month. Small cars sales have increased by 50% in September in comparison with the same period last year. 20.2 of September deliveries were small cars, the most since July and August 2009 and 19.3 % of the market year to date.

According to a specialist, the results indicate modifications when it comes to the choice of the buyers. In the past people used to by small cars simply because they did not afford anything else. Now they buy them because they find them more appealing, the specialist said. Models like the Civic or the Focus have more integrity than their predecessors. In the US for example, carmakers are fighting against Japanese Toyota and Honda, and they are really doing a great job.

Actually, General Motors was the best-selling small car brand in September all thanks to its Sonic and Cruze models. It is in front of the compact and subcompact segment. Ford managed to sell 24.628 units of the Fiesta in September and 19.736 units of the Ford. The Chrysler-Fiat group is not way behind. The specialists managed to sell 4.174 Fiat Mini which means a 51% increase. The Dodge Dart which was launched in July boosted their sales by 72% in comparison with August. The new way of thinking is helping the small car segment a lot.